Our video production clients:

Our video production clients:



Video is a highly effective way of producing desired outcomes and it’s rapidly trending on all social media platforms. This is how your customers want and expect to learn more about you. A powerful, thought-provoking video driven by a memorable story that skillfully camouflages direct marketing messages and provides a call to action will significantly increase the likelihood that a client’s messaging will be watched and listened to. Adam Kane Productions can expertly conceptualize, develop and create a video strategy that builds trust with consumers that want to engage with your brand. See a selection of our clients and video samples by clicking on the YouTube icon below






“I didn’t think it was possible to create something like this. I’m speechless. Thank you, Adam Kane and team.” - Co-Founder and Partner, The Deetken Group

“Your creative vision is in good hands with Adam Kane Productions. The small team assembled gets the job done, no matter what the budget or the size and scale of the project. Adam Kane’s (owner) strong project management skills will ensure your project is delivered ahead of schedule from concept to completion. He also runs a very professional business and he is a pleasure to work with." - Business Owner, Miravalles Enterprises